Russia has taken the lead in supporting Syria this summer, actively initiating efforts to bring a diplomatic resolution to the country’s crisis and assemble an inclusive anti-ISIL coalition. Western focus on Syria has led Russian President Vladimir Putin to believe he can act with relative impunity in Ukraine. “This is a diversionary maneuver,” says Anders Aslund, a former Swedish diplomat to Geneva, Poland and Moscow, now with the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center. “By bombing Syria, Russia forces itself to be discussed by the Western powers,” Aslund says. “It matters to Putin a lot that he looks like a star internationally.” More recently, Moscow conceded that a bomb, likely planted by an affiliate of the Islamic State group, brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt last month, forcing Moscow to deepen its involvement in Syria. A coordinated and sophisticated series of attacks in Paris on Nov.14 elevated the international urgency to bring Putin into a unified response to fight the extremist network. Speculation now arises that Putin’s price for cooperation could be the West’s relaxing its insistence that Russian give up Crimea and other parts of Ukraine from its control.

TVliesIn reality, after watching news from the Russian channels we can see that after the beginning of military action in Syria , all the main reports is now only about Syria. Currently, on the Russian channels rarely mentions about Ukraine. In my opinion, it is a proof of Russian propaganda. Furthermore, I would like to mention how news reports differently in US and Russia. The Russian channels stated that Russian is helping Syria and that they did more in one week of helping Syria than US in a year. However,  US and Western media can be traced to the contrary that this intervention has a negative consequences. As an example of a various kinds of information you can listen the audio record from the Russian news portal, which describes the positive influence of Russian and watch video after audio record from the American news portal where the contrary is shown in a negative side of this intervention.

In this article we can listen audio record that was published on 8.11.2015 which suggests that the impact of Russia’s anti-ISIS above. Russian government did more in one week that US in a year. ( You can listen the audio record inside the article) ( You can watch the video inside the article)

Again, to see clearly a mismatch of information in the news in different countries, I asked my friends from different countries to answer the question: «What is said in the news about Syria crisis in your country?»


Russia in ‘information war’ with West to win hearts and minds. (2015, September 16). Retrieved December 2, 2015, from


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