Hello my future readers!

I would like to introduce you to my blog that will be devoted to information warfare. With the entry of humanity in an era of modern information wars, there was a qualitative change. Physical destruction still has a value, but a decisive confrontation is unfolding today in the global media. And this has led to a fundamental paradigm shift in the war — the struggle is now not so much physical, now is on a spiritual level, nowadays world is fighting for the souls of human. In my opinion this is the most dangerous method of warfare, because such influence on the mass consciousness can lead to stereotypes, racism, and even the outbreak of real war. This topic is very interesting, because the information war is permanent, and we do not notice it. In connection with the latest events in the world, many of us feel it, and the topic has become very discussed in the network. This subject is sharp enough, so that it refers to a policy, and I want to warn you that I remain a neutral party in all future issues and I am not going to accuse anyone’s political methods or put one above the other country.

According to the issue of the information war, I became interested in seriously a few months ago, when arrived to study in Prague. I was riding in a taxi and the driver started the dialogue with question: «How do you feel about Russia?» I replied that I have nothing against, and asked counter question: «Why do you ask me about this?» He explained that he is interested in it, because he wanted to know what say in my country about this situation. And during the dialogue, we realized that in the Czech Republic and in Kazakhstan a completely different looks on the same situation.But most of all I was worried that the driver did not hide his negative attitude towards Russia, and in that moment I understood how dangerous the information war, and that it develops nationalism.

The purpose of this blog is to show the real picture of what is happening in the world of media and how the information war is conducted today. Also in this blog will address the latest hot events, how the media in different countries broadcasted the information about these events, and expert opinion on this subject.

Consideration of this subject from my point of view is extremely important because using a strategy of information warfare one country can configure all their population against a particular country or culture.

I hope readers will find it useful and will remember while watching or reading the news, that sometimes the information can be misinformed or presented only from one point of view.



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