Other Issues in Media and Society


In her blog, Anna presents her thoughts on the problem of media shapes ethnic stereotypes nowadays. Very interesting topic that has been discussed very extensively. By providing relevant data,author shows the main aspects of racism and the way people live with that,especially right now globe deal with such issues. We should pay more attention to this topic and more conference should be brought upon this issue.



If you want to learn more about the information war and how it is used to achieve own goals, you definitely need to visit the blog Katie. She also supports her blog by giving great examples, made an excellent analysis of recent events and has provided interesting evidence.



The blog of Jessica Grmelova is about teenage alcohol ads in the media. In her posts, she describes how adolescents are affected by the media. She reported all aspects of the negative impact of advertising of alcoholic beverages in the media on an excellent level and what consequences it causes. This issue requires attention, because as you, probably, noticed that around becomes more and more teenagers who drink alcohol.



Next blog that caught my attention, this is a blog of my classmate Emre, which dedicated to issue «How true are the informations we get to see on Social Media?» He says that we can never be sure that all the information that we get from the Internet is always correct. This issue is also close to my blog, but also shows that it is necessary to verify the information from different sources to find out the real picture of situation.



Teresa’s blog is focused on the issues of “Does Media Influence What We Eat and Drink?”. She presents arguments on the fact that the media influences our choice of what to eat and drink. She also tries to analyze the situation from psychological position. On her blog, she describes the negative and positive impact of media. Very interesting article about positive impact   you can find on her blog by name «Current Events II. — Sugar Rush: a crusade to save health». I advise everyone to visit the blog, because proper nutrition is the key to our health — the most valuable thing in our life.



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